Monday, November 16, 2009

Antarctica - Final Preparations

Right, I can't quite believe it but it's only five days until I set out for Argentina and onwards to Ushuaia and then Antarctica!

Final preparations. Well yes indeed, I better pull my finger out. On the plus side, I think I have sorted all the equipment and clothes - I had to buy from scratch, not being a particularly sporty cold weather bod (well adapted for Antarctica then...!) and it set me back a bob or two... I'll have to commit to activities which will require use of this gear on my return... watch this space!

Now, in the final few days up to departure I'm wading through the piles of information I have on all the fantastic places I'll get to see. I'll be slowly adding in some commentary, but the list below is the places I'm down to check out on the boat.

A fantastic interactive map of the Peninsula!

Part of my inspiration:
BBC "Top Dogs: Adventures in War, Sea and Ice" (I'll let the reader decide which bit...)

Departing down the Beagle Channel:

Crossing the Drake Passage:

Hopefully arriving at the South Shetland Islands...

Yankee Harbour:

Deception Island:

Trinity Island:

Enterprise Island:

Neko Harbour:

Lemaire Channel:

Penola Strait:

Petermann Island:

Port Lockroy:

Dorian Bay

Melchior Islands

Leaving Brussels on Friday November 20 2009...

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